Are you facing reduced efficiency and increasing travel related expenses eating into your budget?

AirCINEMA assist Project Managers(PM's) with their Oversight duties by providing repeatable actionable flight data in the form of orthomosiac, digital surface model, high resolution 3D models and progress photos.

We help PM's increase efficiency by reducing on-site travel, track daily-weekly or monthly Industrial Worksite progress, improve Inspections and help to forecast potential Hazards or unforeseen Risk.

From routine inspections of existing infrastructure to new construction, AirCINEMA helps you save time and money. 


Do you need stunning, unique elevation perspectives of your vacation rentals, condominiums and commercial properties. AirCINEMA can showcase a complete spatial view of the structure and land layout, while also capturing amenities such as parks, trails, and pools.
Enhance your prospects viewing experience with AirCINEMA photography or video services today!


One of the top benefits of aerial event photography are the exceptional point of views of all the action. Augmenting ground based capture with aerial acquisition enables you to get shots and footage that no one else can.
AirCINEMA helps you to capture the excitement and spirit of your event at a reasonable cost compared to previous methods.


Travel and hospitality are one of the largest industries in the world today, and effective marketing is crucial for destinations large and small to attract quality visitors.
Going beyond typical ground based walk-throughs, we provide beautiful views of the entire property including nearby attractions, landmarks, and amenities.
AirCINEMA promotes your resort, town center, or hotel by engaging prospective visitors with an experience second only to being there.